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Welcome to Aditya Elevator Company

We at Aditya Elevators believe that the life of elevator depends on SOM (Strength Of Materials) involved in it. That’s the reason why the lifts installed by us last for more than couple of decades.


The quality circle ensures that each and every material is absolutely perfect. Only after strict verification these materials reach the site. JIT (Just In Time) management of inventories enables us to dispatch the materials quickly.


In Aditya Elevators the circuit design of control panel is done by done by our in house R&D team. Unlike others we make our own control panels. This is the basic reason why we can detect and rectify faults (if any) immediately.


The drives used by us can generate perfect “S” curve because of which there is no jerk and the lift halts smoothly. We design simplex and duplex controls for telescopic and manual doors. We also modify the control panel and add ARD (Automatic Rescue Device) if desired by the client.


Product List

Capsule Elevator

House Elevator

Freight Elevator

Car Elevator

Dumb Elevator

Goods Elevators

Hydraulic Elevators

Panoramic Elevators